“Any breakthrough is a risk”: Musk, Bezos and other visionaries – about innovation

"Any breakthrough is a risk": Musk, Bezos and other visionaries - about innovation

Elon Musk, founder and general director Tesla

“Usually people think that creating a prototype is the most difficult task.

But it seems to me that everything that we do to make a prototype is small.

Of course, layouts and ideas give inspiration, but it is important to remember that this is only 1% of the work to success.

The remaining 99% is painstaking work.

Ideas are aplenty, but it is difficult to implement them in practice.

For example, the idea of flying to the moon is a simple one, but to really get to the moon in reality,

one needs to strive for radical breakthroughs, otherwise how will the results be achieved? And any breakthrough is a risk: if common sense suggests that there will be no big reward without much risk, then take a risk anyway.

This is the proportion.

Small risks do not bring forth huge rewards.

Especially if you pursue an important goal.”

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Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft “Many people think that empathy is something that can only be shared with your loved ones.

But it seems to me that empathy is an existential need for any business.

It inspires innovation.

The purpose of a company should be to satisfy the unrealized needs of the client.

This can only be achieved if ideas correspond to the expectations of the buyers. If you listen to their desires and understand that you should stand behind your innovations.

Goal and culture are two pillars on which innovations are held.

The goal reflects what you are good as a company.

This is a competitive advantage fixed in your identity.

And culture is what allows you to express your identity in different ways.”

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Tim Cook, head of Apple “I don’t think about making a company.

Many people get confused between innovations and changes: innovations do things better, and not just change a little.

We believe that we are creating something right for our users.

We always put them at the center of our developments and experience, focusing on the invention of the right products.

Such innovations require in-depth research, which goes far beyond simple changes.

Success in the market and profit will come if you create value for the client.”

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Jeff Bezos, founder and general director of Amazon “You need to experiment to create innovations. If you want more inventions, spend more experiments during the week, month, year, decades.

Of course, most experiments fail.

But mistakes are necessary to make something new, to prove something, to check.

Small children are very inventive. They try crazy things.

As a child, we are not afraid to try new things. But as we grow up we lose this ability.

The paradox of ingenuity is that you need to be an expert in the field, but at the same time have a beginner’s thinking.

Sometimes it is worth taking a step back and ask: if I did it for the first time, what exactly would I have changed here? ”

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Robert Iger, Chairman of the Board of Directors, The Walt Disney Company “I like the idea of constantly improving something, even if you have already managed to achieve great success.

I saw a lot of people who stopped at good or even average, although they could do much better.

If you have time and resources, and we always have time and almost always have resources to do something good, do it.

The easiest way to stop at some point and not continue, justifying himself in the absence of money, time and so on.

It is much more difficult to improve something and invest all forces to achieve this.”

Peter Diamandis, Head of the X Prize Foundation “The way of thinking is everything to us.

This is the most important thing that leads to successes and failures, rage and deep despair.

Let’s be honest: everyone has ups and downs.

But the correct way of thinking allows you to see the goal, a guiding star.

Even if Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates pick up everything, but leave their way of thinking – they will build and recreate a lot of what they already had.

Because only how you see the world and how you react to problems and opportunities matters.”

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Brian Chesky, head of Airbnb “It seems to me that the best ideas often appear due to what is happening literally in front of your nose.

Sometimes you look at some obvious things and think: why didn’t anyone come up with this before? The answer is simple: most likely, about 20 years ago, there was not a need to create this, and now this is already a problem that annoys people.

Just think about your everyday life: maybe you would like to improve something? It can even be something insignificant.”

Ruth Dun, financial director Alphabet “I want to have unusual and enterprising people around me who will pass through any obstacle, because they do not think that you can’t pass through it.

I want to work with people who are not afraid of combat scars.

They look a few steps forward.

It seems to me that it is precisely such people who are able to find and implement creative solutions.”

Julian Birkinshaw, Professor London Business School “The thing is for people to do something differently.

Companies can follow the norms of the industry and simply copy each other, but in order to succeed, you need to become a little more.

The only way to do this is the entrepreneurship of people, the desire to do something differently.

Entrepreneurship is a search for new opportunities.

For me, the starting point is the desire to give employees the opportunity to do their work in the best way.

This does not mean just doing work very well.

This means to do something beyond your work, consciously go further.


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