As a buyer affects the eco-politics of brands: “Green” Podcast RBC

As a buyer affects the eco-politics of brands: "Green" Podcast RBC

Many buyers do not believe that by their decision to purchase a certain product, they vote for a specific choice of the manufacturer.

But in fact, our conscious choice in favor of eco-product can force a certain brand to change the composition of products, packaging and even a social agenda.

Gently referring to the choice in the store, you help companies become more environmentally friendly.

Release expert – Irina Antyushina, head of the department for sustainable business development and corporate relations of Unilever in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Timesline conversations: 1:05 – is it true that the buyer votes with a ruble? 3:11 – Which category of products is the most popular among “green” buyers? 6:42 – How companies work with feedback 10:38-How works work on eco-projects in Russia 13:32 – How effective environmental initiatives are 15:48 – the use of renewable energy in production 23:31 – radical actions in favor of ecology Several highlights of the conversation Companies take into account the fact that some consumers buy the products that they can afford, and it is difficult for them to choose products based on the environmental friendliness of the brand.

According to Antyushina, in Russia the situation is gradually improving: more and more Russian buyers are thinking about what the product and its packaging have been produced from.

The percentage of consumers who pay attention to the social and environmental aspect of the brand or company has significantly increased over the past four years.

Until recently, the priority of customers was a healthy diet: it was important for people how products affect them and their body, but now demand has grown on environmentally friendly cosmetics and household chemicals.

So far, manufacturers are working on the environmentalization of the entire production and the development of processed packaging, but for consumers the main factor is the natural composition of cosmetics and household chemicals.

Sometimes excessive packaging of goods can be explained by the difficulties of transportation and merchandising.

Without a box or a special film, the product can break or lose the presentation, but still, now companies slowly but surely take a course to optimize the packaging.

It is also worth remembering that sometimes the composition may be imperfect, but because of this, the shelf life is increased-this is extremely important for deliveries to remote cities and regions.

A large role in communication between the company and the consumer is played by social networks: with their help you can offer changes or complain about the goods of any brand.

Inside the company, proposals and complaints are considered, after which the composition, packaging or information about the product in the public domain is changed.

Departments of research and marketing are working to ensure that the products themselves are more environmentally friendly, and buyers see these changes.

This approach not only creates a positive agenda, but also increases the loyalty of people to the brand.

Despite the fact that in Russia there is still no widespread “windmills” who send “green” electricity to use renewable energy in their production is possible: for this it is necessary to conclude a contract with factories that are engaged in renewable energy.

Such a step helps to increase the popularity of wind farms, which means increasing the availability of renewables.

There are three types of work with “green” energy: directly concluding a contract; the construction of parks that will generate “green” energy; The “green” certificate, that is, the purchase of securities that will be aimed at maintaining sustainable development in the future.

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