As “crossroads” instills useful habits to their customers

As "crossroads" instills useful habits to their customers

Task To help customers choose products for a healthy diet and motivate them to conscious consumption, rational use of resources and waste reduction.

Prerequisites and motivation X5 Retail Group, which includes the Perekrestok stores, took long -term goals and strategy in the field of sustainable development in December 2019.

The strategy was based on 17 global targets until 2030, which were developed and accepted at the UN level in 2015.

Green economy What is sustainable development? The habit of eating right, reasonable consumption and reduction of waste reflect the global goals of sustainable development.

To better understand the requests and set the tasks correctly for themselves, the company’s employees conducted polls and talked with their customers and partners.

Solutions Healthy lifestyle In October last year, the Perekrestok took as a lifestyle, and since December, single zones with healthy products began to appear in stores.

Already now the assortment of the network is more than 1.

3 thousand useful products.

“To help our customers eat more correctly, we have developed a“ basket of a healthy meal of the intersection ”, it has 12 more products in it than in the basket of Rosstat.

Our basket contains more fruits, vegetables and less bread, red meat, sugar and fast carbohydrates, ”says Tatyana Stepanova, marketing director of the Perekrestok chain of stores.

The task was also that the basket of a healthy diet for a month was not very different in price from the usual consumer basket.

As a result, for Moscow, the cost of the middle basket “Crossroads” is 7,339 rubles.

The set of products is designed so that one adult per day receives the daily calorie rate and eats at least 400 grams of vegetables and fruits.

In order not to get confused and easier to assemble a healthy lifestyle, in the “Crossroads” they developed special routes of useful habits.

This is navigation that helps the buyer choose a useful product.

The path begins with the department of vegetables and fruits – a basket of healthy diet should be half consist of fresh vegetables and fruits.

You can find information about proper nutrition on the site about myths and legends about healthy diet: whether you really need to give up your favorite products, how to eat not only carrots and more.

This project “Perekrestok” makes along with DEEPLA, in the same place, each quarter store publishes a healthy food basket index.

The “Crossroads” has its own healthy brand “Green Line”: dairy products, cheeses, sausages, baby food and finished food.

These products have a 100% natural composition and a short shelf life to convey all the benefits.

With their ideas, partners come to the “Crossroads”.

For example, together with Danone, an interactive online course on responsible consumption “One Planet was launched.

One health.

” His idea is to tell people about a conscious choice of products, a balanced diet and how to reduce waste sent to landfills.

After passing the test, a person receives a discount in the Perekrestok stores for Danone goods.

Green economy The head of Danone – about seven trends of the global food market Waste reduction and processing All Perekrestok stores are sent for processing 100% cardboard and films from suppliers.

Used used customer carts.

Part of the baskets where people fold products are made of processed plastic.

Soon, all baskets will be from recyclables.

In addition, in the Perekrestok stores, where there is a cafe, they begin to introduce a separate waste collection.

Secondary raw materials are also in the branded packets of the “intersection” – at 35% they consist of processed plastic.

But stores also offer to purchase alternatives to disposable bags: reusable products for products and bags for weighing fruits and vegetables.

There is an option to use paper packages.

In 50 Perekrestok stores, they began to be offered instead of polyethylene to weigh vegetables or fruits.

Paper is also used as a cut for cutting.

In Moscow, in seven Perekrestok stores, plastic bottles and bottles in special fandomats can be handed over for processing.

For this, a person receives a discount on some products from Unilever.

“Crossroads” also works with non -standard waste: for example, these are batteries and toothbrushes.

In 62 stores there are boxes for used batteries, which are taken to special factories for disposal.

Also, in the Perekrestok stores throughout Russia, you can hand over toothbrushes for processing, which will then turn into paving slabs.

This action is another example of joint work with partners, in this case – with the Splat brand.

Green economy Igor Shekhterman – DEEPLA: “The crisis emphasized the importance of sustainable development” results The “Healthy food basket” project earned in many network outlets, in 100% of the Perekrestok stores, special healthy zones and ash-travets appeared, where useful products for buyers have already been selected in advance.

The portal about a healthy and proper nutrition was visited by more than 37 thousand unique users.

About 1 thousand people began to take an online course about responsible consumption.

There was a special portal for suppliers, where they can indicate one of the nine lifers-signs of their products-this is how the goods fall on the racks of proper power, receiving additional advancement from the store.

In 2019, the X5 sent more than 590 million kg of waste for processing, and the volumes continue to grow: in the first half of 2020, the amount of waste, which went for processing, was 35% more than during the same period of the previous year.

In fandomats for the reception of plastic, people handed over more than 27 thousand bottles in one year.

Ei Ksperient for the sale of reusable alternatives was a successful EI instead of ordinary packages.

Over the past year, shops sold about 3 million reusable bags, and only in the first half of 2020 – 2 million such bags.

The Perekrestok completely left the mercury -containing lamps in its stores and switched to energy -saving ones.

This made it possible to reduce electricity consumption, and stores no longer produce waste 1 class of hazard.

Plans and prospects In terms of proper nutrition, the “crossroads” sets the task to further expand the amount of goods for a healthy lifestyle.

Five years later, the retailer plans to make the entire assortment for 15% of lifestyle.

Shops plan to continue to reduce the amount of waste and by 2023 to reduce the coefficient for their formation to 10%.

Waste of buyers can be reduced using thoughtful and environmentally friendly packaging, which is easy to put into processing or re -use.

The Crossroads want to increase the share of its own brands in such packaging to 50%.

“In the near future, the“ crossroads ”will move away from paper checks and switch to electronic ones.

In a number of stores, we are already using electronic price tags to minimize the use of paper, ”says Tatyana Stepanova.

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