Aviakherosin from plastic and chat with hologram: Digest RBC Trends № 26

Aviakherosin from plastic and chat with hologram: Digest RBC Trends № 26

Themes of the week Plastic waste began to be used as fuel for aircraft Scientists presented an innovative way of turning plastic waste into ingredients for jet fuel (airline).

As noted, this will make plastic processing easier and cheaper.

Researchers turned 90% of plastic into jet fuel and other valuable hydrocarbon products for an hour at moderate temperatures.

The accumulation of plastic waste today has become one of the most serious environmental problems.

The rapidly growing production of disposable plastic products is much higher than the global possibilities for processing plastic waste.

As a result – pollution of oceans and the environment around the world.

It was also found that, as the waste is decomposed, they break up into microplastics, which enters water and food, creating a potential threat to human health.

Green economy How much plastic decomposes and whether its processing is effective Today, the most common method of mechanical processing of the used plastic is to swam into new products.

However, in this case, its economic value and quality are reduced (the so -called “dowsing”).

Another method is chemical processing.

It allows you to produce secondary products of higher quality, but the process requires higher temperatures and a longer processing time – this makes this method too expensive.

As a result, in the USA, for example, only 9% of plastic is processed every year.

And now, researchers managed to develop a new method that allows you to process polyethylenertalate (PET) in the fuel for jet engines and lubricants in just an hour.

PET Tara is considered one of the most common in the world.

Plastic bottles, bottles, banks and other containers are made from polyethyleneterftalat.

Green economy “Green” podcast DEEPLA trends: types of plastic and their processing Using a catalyst made of carbon and silver-white metallic ruthenia, as well as some widely used solvents, scientists converted about 90% of the plastic into components for jet fuel and other hydrocarbons in just an hour.

The temperature in the process did not exceed 220 ° C.

This is lower than required in ordinary processing.

“In the processing industry, the cost of recirculation is a key point.

Our work is an important milestone on the path to promoting new technologies for commercialization, ”comments on one of the authors of the study, associate professor of the School of Chemical Engineering and Bioenginee named after Gin and Linda Wojiland Hunfay Lin.

According to him, now scientists can control the temperature, processing time and the number of catalyst.

The receipt of final products will depend on this.

“The process is very flexible.

It is possible to set it up depending on which product we want to produce, ”says the scientist.

In the future, it is planned to finalize a new technology and try to spread it to other types of plastic.

Google invented the “holographic” video chat of the future Google introduced the prototype of the holographic “video chat Project Starline.

With its help, people can communicate with each other, being at a distance.

At the same time, this communication looks like people shares glass.

So far, the technology works using special cameras.

However, the video demonstrated by the company shows how video calls might look like in the near future: “Imagine that you look through a kind of magic window, and through this window you see another person in full size and in three dimensions.

You can speak naturally, gesticulating and looking into the eyes, ”comments the vice president of Google Clay Beyvor.

For development, the company used algorithms for computer vision, machine learning, spatial sound and data compression in real time.

Additionally, a display was created that allows you to form deep volumetric images without the use of special glasses or helmets.

So far, Project Starline technologies are used only in some Google offices.

The main goal of the company is to make the system more affordable.

According to developers, Google employees have already spent thousands of hours, communicating with colleagues from San Francisco, New York and Seattle.

Demonstration projects are also implemented jointly with some partners from the sphere of medicine and media technologies.

In 2021, even more projects are planned with the participation of corporate users to receive feedback and eliminate the identified deficiencies.

News of the week Microsoft will stop supporting Internet Explorer in 2022.

The creator of Telegram Pavel Durov called the iPhone users “slaves”.

The world’s largest iceberg broke off from Antarctica.

The number of birds on Earth was six times the number of people.

Scientists first tracked the path of thought through the human brain.

64 areas of the genome that cause bipolar disorder were found.

The Fox television company will release the first animated series on the blockchain.

The numbers of the week Almost 40% of Russian ice cream producers do not have time to start the mandatory marking of products from June 1.

The business has difficulties with the supply and installation of equipment from integrators.

Manufacturers are afraid of stopping production and ice cream deficiency.

33% of Russians surveyed began to play computer games more often.

Russian citizens began to spend more money on computer games.

70% of players are over 24 years old, 59% of them are men.

85% of all gamers played on a tablet / smartphone over the past month.

Futurology How mobile games captured the world: podcast DEEPLA Trends “running ahead” Research of the week More than half of Russians experienced stress this year Romir’s research holding studied the key trends of customer behavior in 2021 – one of the parameters of the analysis was the Russians stress index.

More than half of Russians (55%) admitted that in January-February 2021 they experienced stress.

When asked if the respondents were stressed in 2020, 79% of respondents gave a positive answer.

The results of the study showed that on average women are more likely to experience stress: 56% of the female population and 51% of the male are in an exciting mood.

In 2020, statistics were also more depressing: 72% of men and 84% of women were subjected to anxiety.

Russians under the age of 21 and from 21 to 40 years old – 61% in each group feel most strongly.

People of retirement age over 75 years (55%), from 41 to 50 (48%) and from 51 to 74 years (42%) are slightly less worried.

Last year, 91% of Russians under the age of 21, 83% of residents from 21 to 40 years, 77% aged 41 to 50 years, 71% aged 51 to 74 years and 59% over the age of 75 years were subjected to stress.


Among the topics of the most exciting Russians this year, five of ten are associated with financial concern: more than half of the inhabitants are alarmed by rising prices and inflation (62%), as well as low salaries (56%).

A little less fellow citizens are concerned about the crisis in the economy (30%), an increase in unemployment (27%) and social stratification of the population (25%).

“The current reaction of the Russians is understandable – our compatriots during the pandemic are tired of being constantly stressful and now they are not expected to deteriorate the situation, but, rather, stagnation.

It is impossible not to note the focus for self -reflection – first of all, Russians are concerned about the problems that directly concern their personally and the nearest environment, and political and social are losing its paramount importance, ”comments President Romir Andrei Milekhin.

Social economy Neurophysiologist Vyacheslav Dubynin – about the causes of anxiety and stress What to read Three quarters of objects observed in orbit – cosmic garbage In the near -Earth space there are about 3.

9 thousand active spacecraft, as well as about 2.

8 thousand devices that ceased to work.

In an interview with TASS, the head of the information and analytical center TsNIIMASH Igor Bakaras analyzes the quantitative and qualitative composition of space garbage.

What to listen to The podcast “We will all die.

But this is not accurate ”, the episode“ Toxic finish.

Most building materials are dangerous to health? ” Radioactive gases, microscopic fragments, carcinogens and toxins are far from a complete list of what construction and finishing materials can distinguish.

Even wood and stone are not free from these issues.

Why is this product not subject to mandatory certification, and how to choose the least toxic material? Andrei Guskov, Deputy Head of the Office of Sanitary Supervision of Rospotrebnadzor.

What to watch The Chinese Mark Road sent the first pictures from the surface of the Red Planet The Zhuchun Mars -Railway handed the first videos and photos to the ground after landing on the planet.

China became the second country after the United States, whose aircraft landed on Mars.

Solar Orbiter recorded eruption in the sun The space probe for the first time made a video of such large -scale phenomena in the solar atmosphere.


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