Chinese scientists have come up with a way to speed up photosynthesis

Chinese scientists have come up with a way to speed up photosynthesis

Chinese scientists have proposed another way to reduce the dependence of mankind on fossil fuel.

They have developed a technology that accelerates natural photosynthesis – with its help, algae grow twice as fast.

This allows you to use them as sources of plant fuel.

The results of the study are published in the journal Science Advances.

As the study was conducted: scientists experimented with the annual plant arabidopsis from the family of crucifixions, unicellular green algae of chlorella and a light -gathered polymer material – polybutilentheftalat.

Specialists applied polymer to the surface of algae, after which he interacted with plant cells, stimulating photosynthesis and oxygen production.

Unlike chlorella, the arabidopsis was watered with an aqueous solution with different polymer concentrations.

What happened next: according to the results of observations, the growth of algae accelerated by 110%.

In addition, with the introduction of the polymer, the production of lipids and protein – the main components of biofuel increased.

In the case of an annual plant, the effect was opposite: high doses of polymer caused a growth retardation.

However, reducing its concentration, scientists recorded not only accelerated growth, but also early flowering.

Such arabidopsis began to bloom a week earlier than control samples.

Why is it necessary: blue-green unicellular algae is a potentially effective fuel source, which can replace non-renewable resources, such as oil and gas.

But due to slow growth, they are rarely used for similar purposes.

The authors of the study believe that the application of synthetic light -collecting polymers to the surface of algae will make them a more preferable source of biofuel and reduce the cost of production.

Green economy Energy from alcohol and manure: advantages and disadvantages of biofuel Who made the discovery: a group of chemists and botanists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

They examined the possibility of speeding up photosynthetic reactions of higher plants and algae in order to use them in the future for the production of biofuel.

So far, it remains unclear how easy it will be to scale and commercialize this laboratory technology.

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