“Complex” waste and their recycling: “green” podcast RBC trends

"Complex" waste and their recycling: "green" podcast RBC trends

Almost everything can be processed, but not everything is advisable.

For example, packages of juice or milk consisting of many layers of different materials that are difficult to separate from each other.

And far from everywhere they can accept such “complex” waste for processing.

Release expert – Olga Ivanova, director of sustainable development of Tetra Pak.

The main goal of the company is the desire for a zero carbon trace.

For this, it is necessary to both work with suppliers, putting them serious requirements, and with customers, helping them modernize their equipment.

Often, even if there are no containers for separate collection in your yard, the garbage will still go for sorting.

But the raw materials obtained from such waste will be dirtier, which means the worst quality.

If your yard does not have a separate container, or in your region there is no separate collection system at all – do not hesitate to contact the local authorities.

Requests of ordinary consumers can bring real results.

Tetra Pak processing is very similar to the process of processing waste paper.

Formally, the packaging Tetra Pak is and there is waste paper, but you should not take it along with ordinary paper.

Pieces of food remain in the packages that spoil the quality of waste.

Of the processed packages, Tetra Pak create many things, from handles to construction panels.

And one of the Russian processors even makes a road supplement.

But again, making Tetra Pak will not work.

Almost all sorting in Russia is manual.

You can help people sharing garbage: Collect valuable waste in a separate package Do not mix them with organic Try to “flatten” your garbage as much as possible so that as many things can be separated by sorting Divide complex containers into separate pieces If in your yard there are no containers for separate garbage collection, this does not mean that you do not need to do anything.

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