Bruce Dysley Daisley: 5 ways prevents working productivity with pleasure

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Bruce Dysley ( Bruce Daisley )- about what prevents working effectively and with pleasure. Bruce dysley is the vice president of Twitter, which sells a business company in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He wrote the book “The Joy of Labor”, leads the popular podcast “Eat, sleep, work, repeat” (there is also the book of the same name). In the summer of 2019, at the SAP Success Connect forum in London, he talked about how to deal with burnout at work.

We must cope with the volume of work more creatively.

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*Bruce Dysley (Daisley)

Bruce Dysley (Daisley):

In a situation where half of the working day goes to useless postal correspondence to many branches and negotiations that last for hours, there are often not so much time for really important things.

At the same time, productivity is calculated not carried out in the office for hours, but by achieved progress.

“One of my employees said:“ We have no firm policy regarding work from home.

If I don’t have time to do anything at work, can I go home at three o’clock to finish everything? ” I thought: “What a shame, we created an environment in which we turn adults into babies!” – says Dely.

We are forced to always be in touch.

*Bruce Dysley (Daisley)

Modern gadgets allow with their help to perform a large amount of tasks from absolutely any point – in the park, on the way to the office, on the way home.

Usually they talk about this phenomenon as something positive: yes, it gives us some mobility and freedom.

However, there are significant negative effects: the working day is significantly stretched, and the constant check of mobile devices causes stress and anxiety.

As a result, our originality and ingenuity are suppressed, which are so important in conditions when cars begin to slowly steal part of our work.

In addition, constant stress leads to professional burnout.

It is necessary to develop a positive working environment and atmosphere of psychological safety

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Bruce Dysley (Daisley)

Psychological safety means a certain presumption of innocence.

“Imagine that you are working in a loaded department of the hospital and by chance one patient was given a medicine intended for another.

In a psychologically safe atmosphere, you will immediately go to colleagues and confess.

And if you are afraid of the consequences and are afraid to lose work, then you will hide the truth, ”Dely notes.

Our mood greatly affects our actions and solutions.

Professor of Kornell University Alice Aisen conducted a number of experiments that showed a strong dependence between the mood and the decisions made.

Within the framework of one of them, she came to medical institutions and distributed bags with sweets to doctors, after which she showed them the patient’s disease and asked to evaluate his condition.

It was found that the specialists who were in a good mood were more attentive, asked more questions and made a more accurate diagnosis.

However, such a trick will not pass in the offices: you can’t just give out a smoothie, hoping that this will improve the mood of the employees.

Therefore, the creation of a positive atmosphere among employees is a serious task for employers.

We are not superman.

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Bruce Dysley (Daisley)

Our performance with an excessive increase in work time will only worsen.

So, John Pencavel from Standford University studied when maximum performance in physical labor is achieved using the example of firewood.

It turned out that you need to work 56 hours a week.

If you work out 57 hours, the result will be less than 56 hours, and after another time the increase in performance is already minimal.

“And if we are talking about mental work, can the brain withstand more work than the body? The data show that less, ”says Twitter vice president.

Our brain needs to be recharged as a telephone battery.

The resources of the brain are not infinite.

If by the end of the day you are exhausted, then physical exercises, walk, etc.

will help slightly – they will only add a couple of percent of charging.

Thus, our performance at 10 pm will still not be the same as in the morning, so you always need to remember the rest.

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