Green communication agency: our priorities

Agency Green communication: How does it work? What objectives? What processes? Let's find out together with DEEPLA.

In DEEPLA we have a very clear mission.

We promote sustainable agriculture, the conservation of biodiversity and the improvement of rural livelihoods through the application of technical solutions, our experience and the knowledge of local partners.

Our work is closely related to the SDGs, because the Sustainable Agriculture Framework (SAF) that we use as the basis for our proposals contributes to the achievement of 41 objectives in 14 SDGs. Furthermore, our network nature is aligned with SDG 17: Partnership to achieve goals.

We have extensive experience with various approaches to sustainability in agriculture, from certification to the design and implementation of custom tools for companies and agencies. We are now committed to achieving four strategic goals:

  • Contribute to the achievement of sustainable value chains and prosperous producers and rural communities.
  • To develop innovative and practical applications of technological solutions in agriculture.
  • Ensuring that agricultural production contributes to healthy food systems for people and the planet.
  • Expand and strengthen SAN as a global network of organizations to ensure a sustainable future for food, nature and people.

To achieve these objectives, as a green communication agency, we work mainly on projects linked to four thematic priorities:

AI resilient agriculture and rural landscapes climate changes, developing intervention strategies that promote the diversity of agroecosystems to better adapt to current and future climatic conditions, maintaining and improving productivity and efficiently using and restoring available natural resources.

Prosperous producers and rural communities, collaborating with other organizations, governments and businesses that facilitate the scalability of the positive impact of technical projects related to key issues such as livelihoods, human rights and support for vulnerable groups.

Reduction of the environmental footprint of agriculture , promoting rural landscapes where natural ecosystems are protected and restored and agriculture and livestock production have lower and ultimately positive carbon emissions, toxicity, biodiversity and water.

Big Data Management for Sustainable Agriculture , through the collection, organization, analysis and presentation of information to support the decision-making process by various actors at different scales through a digital platform dedicated to supporting the sustainability of agricultural operations.

Our work process

We use a simple and efficient working model that always tries to deliver verifiable results. All our projects are built with the best combination of sustainability solutions and data is managed in our specialized technology platform, the Intelligence Hub (iHub).

  1. We understand your challenge: We establish an open dialogue to identify challenges and problems to be solved.
  2. Verification of requirements: We only work with projects whose nature is aimed at positively impacting the key areas ofEco-sustainable agriculture and Green Economy.
  3. Let's understand how to best disclose it: We choose the best tools and together we build an effective action plan.
  4. Chack, action! Awareness and communication through the best tools and online media.
  5. We measure results and improve together: We use an agile monitoring and evaluation system built into everything we do.

The green communication agency DEEPLA is a project coordinated and directed by Writeless.

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