End of Pandemic and Spirit of Freedom: Five Good Forecasts for 2022

End of Pandemic and Spirit of Freedom: Five Good Forecasts for 2022

The critical phase of the pandemic may end Many expected from the 2021st end of the Covid-19 era, but this did not happen-this year even more people died than in 2020.

One of these optimists was Bill Gates, who at the end of 2020 wrote that the pandemic would decline.

The entrepreneur recognized his mistake, but did not lose a positive attitude.

Gates wants to hope that the critical phase of the pandemic will end next year and this will happen thanks to vaccines.

“I hope that in a couple of years you will think about the virus, only in the fall, when you make a joint vaccine from Covid and influenza,” the creator of Microsoft writes.

If 2022 will become the time when life returns to the normal direction, as it was “before the Covid-19”, will no longer be.

The global crisis has forever changed both science, politics and business, as well as everyday life – but often for the better.

Biotechnology will become more accessible The successes in creating vaccines will not pass without a trace, even if coronavirus suddenly disappears.

You can see the promotion at once in several sectors of biological sciences: scientists began to more actively use tools of robotics and AI, and use cloud and gene technologies.

The rate of testing of drugs increased, and personalized medicine ceased to be science fiction – and these changes will remain with us forever.

Business and society will pay more attention to social problems In the era of coronavirus, the attitude to volunteering and charity has changed.

There were more volunteers themselves – after the start of the pandemic in many countries in Europe, they recorded a double increase in the number of new volunteers.

In Russia, the number of volunteers also grew.

And, it seems, the world really became a little kinder – according to FOM, 41% of Russians noticed that during the pandemic people began to help each other more.

The coronavirus epidemic has launched a large -scale revaluation of values.

Ekaterina Shergova, director of the Give Life charity foundation, believes that it is possible to keep the pandemic “wave of solidarity” – for this it is necessary to save tax preferences for businesses that appeared in 2020.

Cultural and language barriers will collapse The explosive popularity of the Korean drama (sic!) “Game in Kalmara” once again emphasized that cultural and linguistic differences lose its significance, and the world ceases to be English -centric.

In music, also more and more often global popularity gain songs in other languages-and we are not only talking about a cow.

This is partly the merit of Tiktok, since the advisory algorithms of social networks give users a chance to discover trend melodies from around the world.

Education will also become more open.

Due to the mass transition to distance learning, it has become easier to get an education not only in another city, but also in another country, and the quality of online learning has grown.

Many leading universities, such as MIT, now make it possible to receive a diploma remotely and post lectures in open access.

The spirit of liberation will burst into fashion Vogue experts believe that the fashion of 2022 will reflect the feeling of the arrival of a new post-shoe era.

According to the editors of the magazine and the village of Zaydel from Farfetch, the restoration of covid restrictions will affect clothes – it will be brighter and bolder, and the revival of the style of zero will become a kind of antidote from the dark times from which we emerge.

“Liberation” is the main slogan of the upcoming year, and in this the 2022th will be similar in the 1960s with his second wave of feminism.

In addition, the value of unique hand products will increase.

Probably, we are waiting for a new era of the development of biodegradable tissues, DIY and APSAICLLING as a protest against the non -ecological industry of fast fashion.

“Designers will create new styles in the process of working on a thing using the body as a canvas,” experts write.


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