France will produce biofuels for racing vehicles based on wine

France will produce biofuels for racing vehicles based on wine

What’s happening The French oil company Totlenergies has announced the creation of a completely environmentally stable fuel for racing cars based on wine.

The company plans to test new fuel in 2022 on the Race “24 hours of Le Mans” and the European series Le-Man.

Biofiad, called “Excellium Racing 100”, will be produced from bioethanol, wine sediment of the French winery and grape squeezing.

It is reported that the new fuel will have all the qualities necessary for racing fuel, and will also meet the requirements of automakers and the criteria of the International Automobile Federation (FIA).

The company hopes that the new biofuel will reduce CO2 emissions from motorsport by at least 65%.

Excellium Racing 100 will be created in partnership with the Western Club (Automobile Club de L’Ouest), the creator and organizer of the “24 hours of Le Mans” race.

What does it mean The global ecological agenda set the trend for “landscaping” of a wide range of industries – the motorsport was no exception.

The International Automobile Federation announced the intention to make Formula 1 carbon neutral in 2030.

Back in 2019, the FIA technological department made fuel from biologically decomposed waste, which is fully complies with all the requirements for participation in Formula 1.

Green economy How the production of biofuel works, and what problems does it solve Totlenergies believe that biofuel is the key to “landscaping” of motorsport: “The advanced biofuel plays an indisputable role in the immediately reduction in CO2 emissions from the transport sector,” said Patrick Puyanne, general director of Totlenergies.

In addition, the development of “green” fuel is engaged in the Porsche Auto Concert in partnership with the Exxon oil giant.

Since 2022, they plan to produce Efuel – fuel based on “green” hydrogen and captured carbon dioxide emissions, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 85%.

It is also worth noting that wine is not the only alcoholic drink on the basis of which environmental fuel is made.

Earlier, the Scottish producer of Glenfiddich whiskey launched the production of biogas from liquid waste of its production, which is designed to refuel the company’s trucks for transportation of products.


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