“Aliens will arrive, but their robots will win”: the future through the eyes of children

"Aliens will arrive, but their robots will win": the future through the eyes of children

Having studied the predictions of scientists and sociologists about future generations, we decided to ask the Zets and Alf themselves, which they represent the world in which they will live when they become adults.

Many of our respondents are still so small that the limit of their dreams is the sky in pink ponies.

But there is one point that can be traced in almost every children’s imagination – this is the desire to accelerate, characteristic of a new generation that is accustomed to instantly receive information from the Internet or a public reaction through likes in social networks.

Flying machines, self -propelled sidewalks, super -enemy, capable of promoting the globe in a minute – read the forecasts that we collected for you and ask your children what future they draw in their dreams.

Futurology Infinitely vague future: what has been waiting for us in tens and hundreds of years Vanya Zhelobanov, 6 years: “In the future, everything will be almost the same as it is now.

  • Adults will work, and children will go to school.
  • But there will already be flying cars.
  • And they will fly very quickly, as in the film “Back to the Future.
  • ” Masha Nenasheva, 8 years old: “Cars will drive and fly.
  • The sky will be pink.
  • There will be no ordinary teachers in schools, but each child will have his own robot teacher.
  • And there will be no homework.
  • Trains will only be speedy.
  • The refrigerator will be able to talk, and the whole technique too.
  • And most importantly, the president will send everyone to the sea every year.
  • ” Matvey Belevitnev, 3 years: “Big House and Big Steam locomotive.
  • ” Sasha Dementiev, 6 years: “Everywhere there will be huge beautiful houses.
  • And cars will fly.
  • And on the asphalt, children will be allowed to draw with spray cans, so it will be very beautiful on the street.
  • I will work in the company that makes robots.
  • We will make many different robots and will be their owners.
  • They will do whatever we say.
  • And we will call all the children to us on an excursion so that they can chat with robots and play football with them.
  • ” Artem Zverev, 9 years: “It seems to me that in the future there will be such devices with which it will be possible to simply freely fly to the moon or on another planet.
  • Also in the future it will be possible to get into the Mariana hollow just like that, it will be possible to build a house in a few days.
  • Each house will have robots, which, for example, can help clean the house, talk to you.
  • There will be computers with which you can see what is happening in the universe.
  • ” Anton Kovalev, 10 years: “All cars will be on autopilot, there will be still flying cars.
  • Only robots will work, people will not; Everything for people will be free.
  • Teachers will also be robots.
  • Russia will become the world football champion.
  • The daughter, and then Putin’s grandchildren will be presidents, since power will be passed on from generation to generation.
  • Aliens will fly to the ground, but the robots will win them.
  • ” Fedor Khlebnikov, 6 years: “In the future, cars will fly, and people will also fly.
  • Still people will run quickly – around the earth in a minute.
  • And another future is when we are all old.
  • ” Ulyana Khlebnikova, 2 years: “We will look at the fountains.

” Nikita Andreev, 16 years: “Personally, I want to change this world for the better and leave the memory after myself, thereby proving to everyone that goals and dreams can be feasible.

We live at a time when technologies develop with such intensity that have never developed before, and this all entails huge changes in the field of Internet, medicine and education.

In addition, I want to say that soon a person’s physical work will be minimized.

” Kirill Ilyukhin, 11 years old: “I say in advance: this was not my father, and I’m not 45, I am 11.

But if it seems that I am 45, then know: the adult generation in philosophy, well, nothing understands anything at all.

I represent the city of the future, not filled with all sorts of things from the Star Wars.

I represent him with the world of callous and calculating politicians, as well as the ramps from the 1984 book (these are happy, miserable and unenlightened).

There will also be a policy that is also described in this book: there will be three world superpowers: the stay, Eurasia and Oceania – Europe, Eurasia, America.

The infrastructure, like knowledge, will be bad.

This will happen because 1% of youth in our time geniuses, 9% are unrecognized geniuses (and I am among them), 45% are all kinds of drug addicts and 45% of the remaining – minor baldbes.

Thus, all countries – abroad and not – will be in a state of passive war.

” Vitya Belyaev, 7 years: “They will invent something except the light that will accelerate to the speed of light, there will be moving sidewalks, and instead of cars, unproving bubbles.

There will also be installations with food – you will not have to go to the store.

” Volodya Belyaev, 4 years: “Well, mom, why do you need to know this?” Dina Ivanova, 10 years: “Cars will fly through the air, at home they will begin to make round, and instead of walls will be glass, but it will be possible to pull the curtains.

We will fly to school on electric ice cream, the school will be built in the form of cakes, and instead of assessments, sweets will be distributed, who has a bad rating, this is lacrimal sweets.

There will be no sellers – there will be stalls with everything, there, as in McDonald’s, you press a button, stick your wallet, the machine selects how much money you need, the rest returns and gives out products directly in the bag.

And in order to protect the ecology, packaging from food after its use will return to the machine, and food is again packaged in it.

Purchases will fly nearby on a special plate, and people will move on simulators like a treadmill that flies through the air.

” Sasha Lyubimov, 8 years old: “In the future, the eternal engine and medicine from all diseases will finally invent.

” Daria Khakhanova, 16 years old: “The world is closer and closer to the global war, and in ten years the situation will be very tense.

In everyday life, little will change.

If there is artificial intelligence in everyday life, then it will be available only to very wealthy people.

Paper textbooks should be completely canceled, and it will be great if people finally do it.

” Seva Deryabin, 5 years: “There will be flying cars and parking in the air, and there will also be a space train from the ground to the moon.

Tirexes will walk through the streets, and there will be no educators in kindergartens.

” Arina Belash, 9 years old: “In the future, new animals will open and fly further than the moon.

And there will be no road, cars will be without wheels and will fly so that there are no traffic jams.

And to call a taxi, it will be enough just to go to the balcony and shout: “Taxi!” And it will arrive.

And instead of phones there will be a watch where there will be many programs.

If you want to call, you just need to press the button, a blue screen will appear, you wrap your finger to the desired program or phone number, click and call.

” Vasya Khodorych, 14 years old: “In the future, humanity has two options for the development of events.

At the first we will win stupidity, greed and inhumanity.

Unfortunately, while a person only harms the world around him, breaks everything that was built before him.

But so far we do not have and will not soon have technologies that allow you to relocate part of the world’s population to another planet suitable for life in order to survive, people can only unite and live together, and for this, first of all, it is necessary that a huge number of leaders of the countries begin to take care Not about what they have in their wallet, but about other people, the world.

To do this, you need to develop culture and science so that people can live next to each other, along with animals and on this planet.

This is a very time -consuming task, but it will somehow lead to a variant of the development of events No.

2. This option implies that people will be understood with our little world: garbage will be processed, instead of a harmful fuel for the nature of fuel, people will use clean energy obtained using the sun, water, wind or the decay of atoms.

In addition to all these signs, there are also social: people will be equal in society and will not be infringed on people’s lives; states will take care of citizens; There will be no wars.

I repeat, this future is possible, but it is unprofitable for many significant people.

For example, overwhelming the number of officials and oil magnates.

A bright future for the whole planet will mean that much less money will fall into the wallet, which these people clearly do not really want.

As a result, I want to say that the only good way for humanity is the unification.

Not countries, of course, but opinions, ideas and goals.

This path promises our future a lot of good, but it is so difficult! ” Ivan Glagolev, 18 years old: “In the future, the era of the sages will come who will work on meanings, the growth of humanity will be exponental, as the development of technology is now.

” Semen Glagolev, 10 years: “People will pay less attention to money, and everyone will have more time for their favorite classes.

” Polina Pervukhina, 12 years: “When I grow up, there will be flying cars, pools and skyscrapers around.

People will completely stop forest fires, the equipment will capture any natural disasters and prevent them.

Even if something happens, they will restore in a matter of seconds and minutes.

There will be a lot of greenery, and nature will protect even more.

” Vasya Pervukhin, 10 years: “When I will be an adult, I will be strong as dad, and I will be able to do everything like a dad.

I will not be very rich and not very poor.

The world will be bright, they will not kill animals, they will multiply, and poachers will immediately put in jail.

A thing will be invented that will make the desires come true.

You buy it, click on the button – and everything works! All people on earth will be happy, everyone will have a family and a house.

Everyone will have robots that will be controlled from bracelets.

” Alisa Lintseva, 15 years old: “When I grow up, education will change.

People will stop writing by hand and everything will be electronically.

There will definitely not be written exams.

The world will entirely depend on electronics.

Living nature will be in short supply, trips to nature will be available only to rich people.

And it will be vital for drinking water.

The world will become merciless and cruel to poor and poorly educated people.

” Alexey Tsarkov, 16 years old: “The pace of life will accelerate due to modern technologies.

They will allow people to make decisions faster and analyze various tasks.

” Sasha Bocharov, 9 years: “Flying saucers, teleporter, laser locks, quadrocopter reconnaissance, pencils on code locks, phones with holographic projectors will be invented, and a small 3D printer will be built into the phone.

Invented a drone, which will fly and clean everything, a time machine, a light bulb that can be turned on by the power of thought, will improve the “smart” house with the “Alice”, the windows will know when to open, supercomputers, super-polaroids who will not need it.


Spaceships will be invented, which will fly far, schools will be free, the money will cease to be used or change, become laser.

Cars will remain only at the most, the most poor, the rest will fly on small flying saucers.

Books will be like boxes from which holograms open.”

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