“Good day, colleagues”: 7 books about business communication and etiquette

"Good day, colleagues": 7 books about business communication and etiquette

“New Rules of business correspondence”, Maxim Ilyakhov, Lyudmila Sarycheva “Good day”, “Colleagues, we are handing over the report tomorrow”, “Thank you in advance”, “Good weekend” – such familiar phrases for a corporate letter today are frankly enraged.

Why is this happening and how to get rid of annoying chancellery? The authors of the sensational hit “Write, Reduce” released another book.

She teaches to respect the addressee and take care of his interests without the use of cheap manipulations and false politeness.

You will learn how to make your correspondence with colleagues and partners simple, understandable, and most importantly – productive.

The manual has dozens of visual examples of written communication in format: this is not necessary / better.

This will help to look at your messages from the recipient and transfer the conversation into an effective direction.

“Clearly understood.

How to convey thoughts and convince people with the help of words “, Maxim Ilyakhov Those who have already learned to “write and reduce” thanks to the bestseller Maxim Ilyakhov, we recommend that they get acquainted with another of his work.

In the book “Clear, clear” the author continues to share the secrets of creating a truly strong text and offers more than 50 different tools for this.

How to use the context correctly, convince in a word and make the material to close and understandable to any reader? What headlines attract attention? And how can even turn the most difficult topics into a fascinating story? The whole theory is supported by examples from the practice of the author himself.

So this is a manual – a gift for editors, copywriters, bloggers, marketers and everyone who works with texts.

“Rules for business communication.

33 “impossible” and 33 “possible”, Nina Zvereva This small but very capacious book can change the idea of how to communicate with people.

Its author-the master of television journalism, the owner of two TEFI awards and the famous business coach Nina Zvereva-shares the secrets of successful communication.

Moreover, he does it briefly, understanding with humor.

Many tricks listed in the manual are easily applicable not only in business conversations, but also in everyday situations.

You will understand what mistakes prevent you from winning the attention of the interlocutor, and learn to build interesting dialogs with people of different social and intellectual levels.

“Manners for a career.

Modern business protocol and etiquette “, Olga Sheveleva There are no trifles in business communication.

Incorrect greeting, violation of the dress code or incorrect appeal to the interlocutor-any detail can affect the conclusion of a profitable transaction and even destroy the entire career.

The business coach Olga Sheveleva has collected in her book all the rules of the modern corporate protocol, and also spoke about the intricacies of international etiquette.

It turned out an exhaustive directory according to traditions, manners, behavior and image in different countries (European and Asian) and in different situations.

So this allowance will be especially useful for those who often have to work abroad or have business contacts abroad.

Among the author’s clients are State Duma deputies, ministers, diplomats and leaders of the largest enterprises.

“No offense! How emotional intelligence helps to communicate with colleagues and leadership, ”Molly West Duffy, Liz Fosslien It is generally accepted that at work it is necessary to remain calm in any situation and always keep emotions with you.

At the same time, ignoring and suppressing feelings is harmful to health and productivity.

The book Liz Fosslien and Molly West Duffy will help to find balance in this matter.

She teaches to hear herself and direct her reactions in the right direction.

This ability is the same emotional intelligence (EQ), which actually affects success even more than IQ.

The authors of the manual in an accessible and ironic manner tell how to establish normal relations with colleagues and be an effective employee.

They also help to master the art of apology, which is useful not only in the office, but also in relations with loved ones.

“Correspondence 2.


How to solve issues in chats, social networks and letters “, Sasha Karepina The time of the pandemic and the widespread “remote” clearly showed: we can no longer do without email and messengers.

In modern realities, even the most important issues often have to be solved online.

Therefore, the ability to effectively communicate through chats and social networks becomes vital for career and business.

The book of the leading Russian expert in the field of business correspondence Sasha Karepina will help to comprehend this art.

She explains how to write so that you are not only read, but also heard, understand and even agree with you.

And many illustrations with explanations, schemes, infographics make this allowance laconic, understandable and memorable.

“Digital etiquette.

How not to enrage each other on the Internet “, Olga Lukinova How to delicately switch to “you” in correspondence? Why do voice messages annoy everyone? And what if the boss subscribed to your Instagram? Digital etiquette, like household, helps to avoid awkward situations and improve relations with other people.

Olga Lukinova’s book offers a set of finished instructions on how to behave on the network.

The author assures that with the help of the manual you can increase the efficiency of work, improve business reputation and establish contact with colleagues and clients.

It will not be necessary to follow all these rules and implicitly at all, but it will be useful to get acquainted with them to everyone who has a gadget.

And according to a special Litrbk promotional code, on the service website, all readers will receive a book as a gift from a special selection, as well as a 25% discount on almost the entire assortment.


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