“Green” business at 20 years: stories of young entrepreneurs. Part 8.

"Green" business at 20 years: stories of young entrepreneurs. Part 8.

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99Recycle – multidisciplinary brand that creates aesthetic things from recyclables Founders: Anton Rykachevsky, 26 years old, St.

Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise Ifnit, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology; Sergey Ibragimov, 24 years old, programmer; Alexander Semenov, 24 years old, St.

Petersburg State University of Ifnit, SPbSU Physics Faculty.

How did the idea of the project arise? We wanted to make a startup not related to it.

In the process of creating an idea and search, we really liked skateboards from processed plastic from Wasteboards from the Netherlands.

Then they learned about PreciousPlastic and thought that we could build our project on this database.

After a while, when our workshop was already functioning and we were engaged in the project as a hobby, we received a grant for the development of a 3D printer from the Innovation Assistance Fund.

At this moment, the project became our main activity.

Now we are developing non -standard installations for processing: a large -scale 3D printer printing with secondary plastic, thermopress for creating large sheets from recyclables (has already been commissioned).

We develop our brand of wardrobe accessories and help business in unusual cases related to processing or upsaycles.

What motivates to be eco-cognitive? This is a fairly simple habit that we follow without fanaticism.

The project for us is not only the concern for the ecology, but also the development of technology, business, and enlightenment.

The connecting link around which we build up all this is eco-thematics.

A special market segment We did not meet great external difficulties before the pandemic.

Famous brands are playing on another field so far: there are not many companies on the ethical merchant manufacturing market, but there are no major players.

There are few people take up non -standard cases around the processing for a large business, and in 3D printing we find ourselves in a very special market segment.

But we still did not really come to him, so there was no way to feel competition.

The market is ready for small companies.

Brands from very different areas come to us – Arny Praht, Sibur, Busha, Snow, Qiwi, and with quite unusual ideas.

What did you manage to achieve? Turnover to the pandemic about 700 thousand rubles per month Starting their own products – bags, backpacks, skateboards (the latter in collaborations with TRSHBRNDS) Creation from scratch unique thermopress for sheets of secondary plastic size 1220×2440 mm Launch of a 3D printer for printing small architecture, furniture and large prototypes by processed plastic Where does human responsibility begin and the responsibility of the state ends? Changes begin at the same time, because both business and the state are also ultimately people who make decisions.

So the process will most likely go from all sides at the same time: an ordinary person feels importance, business is adjusted, the state is forced to keep up, since the agenda becomes common.

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