“Green” Podcast RBC Trends: how to be fashionable and not harming the planet

"Green" Podcast RBC Trends: how to be fashionable and not harming the planet

According to Greenpeace, 100 billion clothing units are produced annually in the world.

Fast fashion accustoms us to frivolous shopping, we often do not think about how long the purchased thing will live in our wardrobe and how many times it is useful to us.

We are not used to thinking that any of our purchases will sooner or later turn into garbage and end up in a landfill.

There, clothing from synthetics decomposes for decades.

And polyester (is 60% of all clothing), when decomposed, emits three times more greenhouse gases than cotton.

This issue has two parts and two experts who help us understand the topic.

In the first part, we talked with Nelly Neda, designer and founder of the NNedre brand.

In the second – with Julia Bulgakova, the head of the communications and press of the region Russia (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus) of H&M.

The presenter is Vitaly Sumynotskaya.

In the first part of the podcast with Nelly, we discussed: What is eco -house and why does the consumer need it? Is it possible to build an environmentally friendly clothing brand in Russia? What are environmentally friendly technologies? How to compete with a mass market, and will the cost of the local brand clothing are obviously higher? What trends in fashion and production of clothing become relevant in the world? Is the demand for small brands in Russia is growing? Are they popular outside the cities of millionaires? In the second part of the podcast with Julia Bulgakova, we discussed: What is the danger to the environment of the mass production of clothing? Do large brands are aware of and change something in their work? What includes environmentally friendly clothing – materials, technologies, working conditions in production, the possibility of subsequent processing? What environmentally responsible projects do large companies introduce? What does H&M do? How did H&M react to a scandal with a processing program in March 2020, associated with the discretion of suppliers? Whether the growth of Internet shops entails new risks for the environment by increasing the volume of packaging and complicating the transport.

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