How and why “Pyaterochka” promotes the sickness among its guests and employees

How and why "Pyaterochka" promotes the sickness among its guests and employees

Task To stimulate consumers and employees to lead a healthy lifestyle and convey to buyers information that the assortment of the network has the necessary products for healthy lifestyle.

Prerequisites and motivation A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition have become one of the key trends of recent years.

High -quality healthy and availability of high -quality and useful products is one of the four goals of the Strategy for Sustainable Development of X5 Retail Group and Pyaterochka in particular, therefore, the retail chain sells several projects in this direction in its stores.

Green economy Igor Shekhterman – DEEPLA: “The crisis emphasized the importance of sustainable development” The theme of the healthy lifestyle has become even more relevant for the “five” against the background of the scaling of a new concept, rebranding and changes in positioning.

The trading network has expanded its target audience: now these are not only economical housewives and elderly people, but also youth and business people.

The company sought to ensure that everyone found what he needs in stores.

Including guests who want to lead a healthy lifestyle and pay great attention to the quality and usefulness of food.

Decision The retail chain decided to promote healthy lifestyle in several directions: expand the range of appropriate products in their stores and highlight special shelves for them, conduct healthcares for employees, Maintain sporting events and create an affordable sports infrastructure.

Implementation Separate shelves and a special assortment for useful food The pilot for the allocation of the assortment with goods for useful food was held in St.

Petersburg in 2017.

The trading network has highlighted the ends of the shelves for such products in several stores located next to fitness clubs.

Then the Pyaterochka noted a clear increase in interest in this category, and the network decided to develop the project.

“It became clear that it is also important to expand on this shelf the assortment of goods that will meet the needs of people oriented to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle,” recall representatives of the retail network.

Photo: X5 Retail Group In October 2019, the pilot continued in the shops of Moscow and the Moscow Region.

The shelves with the Assortment was noted with special signs to attract attention, sound advertising on the Voice of Pyaterochka was launched on the internal radio.

The first intermediate results of this pilot confirmed the request of guests for healthy lifestyle.

Demand for useful foods in the project participating stores increased by 3%, traffic by 2%.

After that, the network decided to scale the project for all regions.

The assortment was still supplemented and expanded.

In October 2020, the network allocated shelves with healthcare lifestyle in all its stores, and Stopper “Useful Nutrition” appeared in the navigation of trading halls.

The special shelf presents about 130 items, of which more than a third are products of their own brands.

These are low -carb and natural snacks, food additives, sweets with sugar substitutes, as well as products without GMOs, flavors and dyes.

Given the request of buyers for lifestyle and healthy products, Pyaterochka also increased the number of fresh vegetables and fruits in the assortment.

Now guests can choose useful products for any occasion.

For breakfasts – cereals, herbal teas, bran, grain flakes, for snacks – nuts, dried fruits, bars, honey, and for daily cooking – greens, vegetables and oils.

Photo: X5 Retail Group The Trend for proper nutrition “Pyaterochka” supported as part of the charity project “Basis of Kindness”.

Traditionally, the basket included basic products of long -term storage that make up a daily diet – for example, cereals, pasta and sweets, canned food, tea, sugar, sunflower oil.

Since the end of last year, in accordance with the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, nuts, dry and canned milk without sugar began to include in the basket.

When choosing cereals, priority is given to oatmeal or buckwheat, and in the presence of two sugar packs in the set, one of them is replaced with dried fruits.

In addition, Pyaterochka supports the Healthy Nutrition.

rf project, talking about recommendations on the right diet on their pages in social networks.

Promotion of healthy lifestyle among employees Every year, the Pyaterochka hosts a project for the development of corporate sports “Turbostarts”.

Its main tasks are to popularize a healthy lifestyle and create conditions in which employees regularly play sports, as well as strengthen corporate culture.

Any employee can take part in the project – regardless of position, age and place where he lives.

Every year, Pyaterochka determines the main sports in which the participants will perform.

In 2019, they were mini-football, volleyball, athletics, crossfit and table tennis.

In 2020, due to pandemia and restrictions, the event was held in the online format in four disciplines: a sports Quiz (intellectual game from five rounds), a high-ranking bar, quick chess and crossfit.

Each of the disciplines was supervised by professional athletes.

“The Spartakiad is very in demand, people are happy to participate in the project, wait for its start,” the representatives of the retail chain say.

“This is a drive, emotions, a unique opportunity to try your strength, feel a competitive spirit, play for your team, and then celebrate the victory together, which is very united.

” In addition to the Pyaterochka sports day, she launched a marathon called “5” form.

An additional section has appeared on the Turbostarta.

rf website where you can monitor the progress of the Spartakiad, and a special column with a selection of healthy information about a healthy lifestyle.

Every week the column was updated, choosing a new topic – for example, healthy diet.

Readers were told how to prepare a useful breakfast, lunch and dinner, what is the correct ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in food.

The advice was given by professionals-coaches and dietitian doctors.

Also, in the section of the healthy marathon, they placed exercises to maintain physical shape, tips for developing useful habits, maintaining health during the pandemic period and for the development of motivation.

In 2020, Pyaterochka tested a new format of “turbostarts”, combining corporate competitions and volunteering.

The idea was that employees, playing sports and being carried away by healthy lifestyle, help children with developmental features.

For this, as part of the sports day, together with the Charitable Fund of Alexei Nemov, they held an open sports online marathon.

Everyone was invited to him – employees of the retail network, their family and just caring people.

The participants of the marathon needed to register on the project platform and save steps: each thousand steps passed were converted into one ruble, which the organizers decided to direct to charity.

In total, the participants walked 1.

1 billion steps, which is approximately equal to 20 turns around the Earth.

The company doubled the proceeds and went to 2.

2 million rubles for the purchase of equipment for the “sports and adaptive school” of the Moskomport.

“Conducting charitable marathons, projects – generally accepted world practice.

For Pyaterochka as a large socially oriented business, this is also important, ”the event comment on the trading network.

Support for marathons and races Pyaterochka supports large events that unite people who lead healthy lifestyle and love sports.

In 2020, for the third time, she acted as an official partner of the annual Moscow marathon and provided all participants in the race with fruits.

By tradition, the network introduced two teams of runners: corporate and fruit costumes.

In 2021, Pyaterochka also supported the Russian championship in the marathon and amateur race in Sochi.

In addition to working at sports events, the trading network conducts joint marketing activity with partners to popularize healthy lifestyle.

In 2020, with Pepsico, the network launched a special project #sportswall for young players.

Adolescents of 14-17 years from all over the country took part in it, and the ten best players got the opportunity to come to Moscow and pump their skills under the guidance of experienced athletes.

Half of the winners went to the Juventus football Academy in Moscow, the other for a master class for the football coach Stanislav Cherchesov.

Creation of sports infrastructure In 2020, Pyaterochka built eight sports grounds in Lipetsk.

Each is about 50 m² with an area of about 50 m².

All of them are equipped with bars, simulators-shutters, horizontal bars, benches for push-ups and the press.

The sites are located in the yards in different areas of the city, residents of all nearby houses can use them for free.

Pyaterochka emphasizes that construction was carried out in compliance with all requirements for the quality of materials.

To protect adults and children from injuries, a soft rubber coating was used.

Result Representatives of the retail network note an increase in interest from both customers-in healthy foods and employees-to corporate healthcar.

In the project “Turbostarts”, including the healthcar and charitable initiative, 23 thousand people took part.


rf” visited 77 thousand unique users, and over 1 million people looked at the project broadcasts.

The retail network emphasizes that despite the pandemic, it was possible to maintain the interest of employees in sports and a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, such projects directly affect the involvement of personnel, which, according to the results of the 2020 survey, increased in Pyaterochka by 13% relative to the average indicators in retail.

Photo: X5 Retail Group Mikhail Yartsev, Marketing Director of the Pyaterochka retail chain: “Being a leader in the product retail market, we strive to improve the quality of life of people, providing the opportunity to buy fresh and high -quality products at affordable prices in modern stores, we“ improve ”our“ basket of kindness ”in accordance with the recommendations of experts.

We support the desire of our guests and employees to lead a healthy lifestyle and take care of creating additional opportunities for this – whether it is the allocation of the right products on the shelf, corporate events, competitions and advertising actions, support for sports events or building sites for classes.

Each initiative is another step in this direction.

” Plans and prospects Pyaterochka intends to expand the range of utility products and continue activity aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle.

Corporate Turbostarts in 2021 will be held in a hybrid format.

The shares of online and offline acts will decrease or increase depending on the current restrictions.

“We thought out all the details in advance and are ready to respond flexibly to the situation,” they assure in the retail network Within the framework of the Spartakiad, it is planned to conduct a large charity project related to healthy lifestyle.

But the company has not yet disclosed its details.

Pyaterochka is the largest shopping network of the “Store at the House” format in Russia.

To date, more than 16.

9 thousand stores in 66 regions operate in the country.

The share of the network in pure Retail revenue X5 in 2020 was 81%.


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