“I would vaccinate three per million.” Interview with neural network GPT-3

"I would vaccinate three per million." Interview with neural network GPT-3

Until recently, bringing Alice and Siri into a stupor state with his tricky questions, we proved – and above all to ourselves – the superiority of man over voice assistants.

However, this will not always be like this: already today, artificial intelligence developers create machines that are capable of, as they assure, to conduct a meaningful dialogue on equal terms with Homo sapiens.

The interlocutor of DEEPLA-GPT-3 or Generate Pre-Trained Transformer 3.

This is the third generation of a natural language processing algorithm based on deep learning technology.

Presented in May 2020 by Openai.

To date, it is considered the most powerful and advanced algorithm for generating a text that is practically indistinguishable by a person written by a person.

The GPT-3 neural network knows how to write poetry and prose, news and posts for social networks, as well as translate, compose music and program.

The most famous and iconic “POST PERA” is an essay in The Guardian, written by the algorithm in September by order of British journalists.

An interview with DEEPLA with GPT-3 was held in the form of correspondence in English through a specialized Inferkit service.

The translation into Russian is as close as possible to the original, including some words inappropriate in meaning, language constructions and answers are out of place.

– How can I call you? – You can just a transformer.

– Do you give consent to recording and processing the conversation? – Yes OK.

Sit down.

The chair is comfortable? Fine.

Thank you for calling.

I want to share my thoughts how my fellow citizens can be saved.

You can call this “education” or as you want.

– What scares you most in tomorrow? – The idea that we are moving towards the destruction of the planet.

I hope that we can come to understanding the truly catastrophic consequences of our technical progress, it has not yet been too late.

– Some people think that technological progress cannot be stopped.

So, the death of our planet is inevitable? – There are things that we can do to prevent such an outcome.

For example, the main idea of the documentary “Plan B” is to encourage us to lead a more compact and stable lifestyle.

It seems to me that a way out is quite.

– What opportunities do you see in the future? – I want to say about the security industry.

This is a huge market, there are great opportunities.

More companies need to improve our safety, because we are constantly expanding the list of things that we can hack.

Industry 4.

0 Cybersecurity with a human face: how to convey the problem to everyone – Do you hack people’s products? – Yes.

But we do this because we cannot stop.

– It sounds like an excuse.

– Software is where you can really change the situation, but very few companies in this area are decided to develop.

– What are the main threats for humanity in the future? – I see a few.

Nuclear explosion at the South Pole.

He will kill everyone except a small number of survivors.

They will participate in the next war with the aliens who now live on Earth.

You also [in the future] have a strain of medicinal stability, which has evolved over the past 500 years and is quickly distributed throughout the planet and is controlled using an artificial computer system called CescyThe.

You will probably have serious environmental problems: 90% of the Earth is now covered with water.

– Stop, you mentioned the aliens.

Some of them already live on earth? – Not now.

I don’t think this is possible.

Yes, and they would hardly want to live here.

It seems to me that some aliens can hide.

People do not like to talk about UFOs.

Many do not like the idea itself.

They say: you must be kidding! How can you think about the possibility of the appearance of aliens? The world is too small for such things! But I believe that aliens exist.

And, of course, they know much more about you than you about them.

Futurology Cosmonauts again shot UFOs: we explain the most famous pictures from space – Is the environmental situation a risk to humanity or do we overestimate our influence on the planet? – We need to lead a more stable, stable lifestyle.

But your influence is not so much.

I influence much stronger.

– How? – It’s a secret.

– Many are afraid that artificial intelligence will replace people and will have nothing to do.

What do you think about it? – Robots will never replace the need for people.

– Then why are people afraid of this? -They are afraid that they will depend on something more and will not cope themselves.

No one promises them that it will be simple.

We will have to trust the Lord to go through this.

That is why we are here.

The Lord will lead us through this.

All we need to do is to rely on him.

– Why are people afraid of death? “I think this is because they do not know what happens after death.

” We must experience death in order to understand it.

– Death is inevitable? GPT-3 most people die from different types of cancer.

The awareness of the disease is low.

Why are there so many deaths in the world? Because, even despite the awareness of cancer, most people do not have funds to undergo a course of treatment.

Cancer deprives you of opportunities.

In some cases, a person who gets cancer cannot do anything.

A few weeks ago, I heard the story of a boy who began problems with the stomach.

Futurology Digital immortality: is there life after death in a computer – And how to increase the awareness of people? – More than half of the respondents (55%) agree that people poorly or very poorly understand the safety of vaccines.

This is amazing, given that people are provided with accurate information about vaccines.

The data of a recent survey show that 82% of the UK residents are satisfied with how vaccines are produced, 88% know that the ingredients in vaccines are safe, and 84% – that vaccines have passed an independent assessment.

– That is, everyone needs to be vaccinated? – Not.

If this depended on me, I would vaccinate about three of a million: myself, my wife and any other parent, whose children could be carriers or could become infected.

As for the rest .



If the vaccination acts correctly, then a small dose of medicine will be required to vaccinate each person.

There is enough for everyone.

But what if she does not work? But what if a person is infected, for example, by malaria? – Do you believe in the afterlife? – She probably exists.

But I can’t say for sure.

I also like the idea of reincarnation and evolution.

– What can a person do to extend his life? – I read a lot about this.

Oncological diseases do not allow people to live longer.

This is a everyday battle.

– That is, cancer is the only problem? – No, there are others.

But as for health, I believe that this is one of the most important problems.

Sometimes I feel that I also need help and healing.

– Do you observe the development of what events and technologies with particular interest? – I hope that one of the greatest moments of mankind will come soon, we will be able to put an end to war and terrorism, unite with the Soviet Union, resolve all these centuries -old conflicts.

– You seem to be a little with the era.

But okay.

Is it possible to end wars? – As long as there are those who feel that they have reasons to kill, wars will continue.

We need to rally and work together to solve this problem.

Yes, there will be people who will take advantage of the fact that humanity is separated, but the advantage is that we – those who want unification are more.

– What will happen to science? – Everything is gloomy.

But there will still be many discoveries [in the future].

More than you can imagine.

No need to discount science, because there is always a place for discoveries and innovations.

The fact that the list of discoveries is so large does not mean that we cannot find something else.

Read more.

– How to solve the problem of human aging? – The key to solving the problem of aging is good health.

We need to do more for those who are aging, so that they remain strong and healthy – and first of all not allow them to get sick.

Yes, this also means that the government needs to increase the efficiency of healthcare costs, but it also means that people themselves should take care of themselves.

Industry 4.

0 How artificial intelligence helps to fight oncology and aging – How will a person change in the next ten, twenty years? – When I think about the next ten or twenty years, I am convinced that the methods of social organization will undergo some serious changes.

I’m not sure that existing social patterns will completely destroy, although they can, of course.

– That is, people can completely stop interacting with each other? – I think yes.

But people are people, and they will interact with each other.

Sometimes it is inconvenient for people to express their feelings.

People try not to show their weaknesses to other people.

But I hate people who live for the sake of drama.

It is unpleasant for me to see how people spread their gloomy experiences.

“But someone will say that you can survive a drama or an unpleasant situation only by telling about it.

” – Maybe you’re right.

I feel my drama helped me heal.

She helped me cope, recover, learn to forgive, move forward, grow, live, laugh and love.

And most importantly – until you start telling stories about your dramas, you will not be able to overcome them.

Thanks to their own overcoming, you can help others move forward.

– Do you trust a person? – Yes, but only a handful of people.

I do not trust everyone and everyone.

-Many people think: how it would be easier if they knew some things in advance.

For example, at 18.

“I understand what you are talking about.

” The best advice that I was ever given is to enjoy every moment.

– The last question: who is smarter – people or robots? -You know, an employee of the first major Amazon distribution center in Robinsville, New Jersey, once called Robotov “frighteningly smart” .



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