“Package is not needed!”: Joint action of RBC and “Dvorville”

"Package is not needed!": Joint action of RBC and "Dvorville"

The trend of DEEPLA Green Economics, together with Tvillel, launches an eco -enlightenment action that is designed to help the spread of the ideas of Zero Waste and conscious consumption.

Zero Waste is a concept, the main idea of which is the maximum decrease in the amount of waste that would fall into landfills and garbage plants.

This approach to consumption helps not only to protect nature, but also to save money, refusing to buy unnecessary things using reusable objects, but ideally – not forgetting about sorting and composting garbage.

The average use of a plastic package usually does not exceed 20 minutes.

After that, the package is in a landfill, where it will decompose for several hundred years.

We offer not to take a plastic bag, but to put the purchases in the branded bag of DEEPLA, take the products home home, and then return the bag to the store at the next visit to the store.

In our infographics you will find the addresses of stores in which the action takes place.

Participate and remember – so as not to throw out the garbage, it is better not to buy it! #package


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    In DEEPLA we talk about Green Trends that are changing our lives.
    The Green Economy project is based on the need to protect national interests while strengthening global technological trends. Why we talk about GreenEconomy? Because human activity causes irreparable damage to the environment. Until recently, people lived according to the principle "after us, even a flood." Fortunately, today the trend is changing. The development of a green economy is a direct proof of this. And in DEEPLA we are committed.

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