Tyumen scientists offered to turn chicken litter into biofuels

Tyumen scientists offered to turn chicken litter into biofuels

What’s happening A group of scientists from Tyumen State University (Tyumen State University) has developed an innovative way to turn chicken into biofuels – gas and biodegol can be obtained from the product.

This method is offered for use on Tyumen poultry farms – negotiations with potential investors are currently being carried out in order to bring this project to life in the near future.

It is noted that a biodegolon, which can be obtained from chicken litter, is saturated with mineral compounds, and it can be used in crop production.

In addition, as a result of processing chicken, gas is obtained, which can be used as an energy carrier.

Warehouses of waste at poultry farms increase the limiting concentration of toxins, which could become one of the causes of the bird flu epidemic in the Tyumen region.

The successful implementation of the project will prevent a similar situation in the future.

What does it mean The issue of poultry disposal is a real headache for poultry farms.

Large volumes of organic mass can become a source of environmental pollution and the development of microorganisms, which can lead to dangerous diseases such as bird flu.

In the Tyumen region, this problem is especially acute – in the fall of 2021 in the region a flash of bird flu was recorded, as a result of which quarantine was announced on the territory of the Borovskaya poultry farm and several million chickens were destroyed.

Specialists of the Rosselkhoznadzor of the Tyumen region noted that one of their causes of the epidemic was the accumulation of chicken litter on agricultural lands.

Thus, the development of an innovative method of disposal of chicken droppings meets both sanitary and environmental agendas.


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