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The choice of environmentally friendly means of transportation today is outrageous. Until affordable battery-powered helicopters are invented, electric vehicles are considered the pinnacle of creation. Next in this chain are electric scooters. Unlike scooters or unicycles, they have a full-fledged driver’s seat. For this they are loved by the elderly and people with disabilities. Plus, the tires are more serious, which means that road bumps are less likely to break through the rubber. At the same time, the price of such devices is not comparable with the same electric cars – this is transport for a wide range. Komsomolskaya Pravda talks about the best electric scooters of 2022.

Please note that when you look for an electric scooter, you may stumble upon the frequently used designation Citycoco (“City Coco”). Be warned, this is not a company. This is how the international community designates the mode of transport itself.

Top 10 rating according to KP, Editor’s Choice

1. WS-Pro MAX Plus 3000w (from 95 thousand rubles)

WS-Pro MAX Plus 3000w.  Photo: market.yandex.ru
WS-Pro MAX Plus 3000w.

The flagship model WHITE SIBERIA opens our rating of the best electric scooters. These means of individual mobility in 2022 won a large part of the market. As for this device, it has been repeatedly altered and improved. And Russian engineers. The scooter turned out really well. In the updated model, the suspension has been improved. Gas shock absorbers on the rear wheel can be customized. 

The bike quickly climbs the hill thanks to the 3000W engine. The wheels here are 12 inches, the tires are wide, pneumatic. The tread is deep, which means it will be comfortable to move on the primer and light off-road. There is a choice of speed. There are reflectors on the sides and tail of the electric scooter. There are LED lights on the front. The battery is removable, which means you can buy a replacement and change it on the go.

Characteristics: wheel diameter 12″, mileage on a single charge 45 km, engine power 3000 W, maximum speed 70 km/h, maximum load 220 kg, weight 80 kg, rear-wheel drive.

Advantages and disadvantages

Excellent cushioning

Plastic on the bottom is not the best quality

2. QROAD Chopper 2000W (from 109 thousand rubles)

QROAD Chopper 2000W.  Photo: market.yandex.ru
QROAD Chopper 2000W. Photo: market.yandex.ru

Most of us have seen chopper motorcycles on the roads at least once. These are bikes with a long frame and a pronounced front fork. The same type of technology that we represent, pronouncing the name of the company “Harley”. The manufacturers of this electric scooter did not hesitate to adopt a stylish form in 2022. True, its dimensions are two to three times smaller than a real motorcycle, so it looks a little comical. However, if this does not bother you, then we recommend that you consider buying. Due to its form factor, the chopper has a relaxed comfortable ride. Under the seat there is a recess with a battery box. It is a pity that there is no place for things. With a weight of 90 kilos, it accelerates to 55 km / h. One charge is enough to drive 75 km, on average, this is two to three days of moving around the city.

Characteristics: wheel diameter 12″, mileage on a single charge 75 km, engine power 2000 W, maximum speed 55 km/h, maximum load 230 kg, weight 90 kg, rear-wheel drive.

Advantages and disadvantages

Comfort seatLooks like a child’s toy because of its size

3. Skyboard BR20-3000w Pro (from 95 thousand rubles)

Skyboard BR20-3000w Pro.  Photo: market.yandex.ru
Skyboard BR20-3000w Pro. Photo: market.yandex.ru

A very practical model that is perfect for moving around the country. Provided that everything is fine with the roads there. The wheel diameter is only 8. For forest trails, this may not be enough. Although the tread is clear, which means it will master the primer and gravel. The motor-wheel squeezes out 3000W. This is enough to accelerate to 60 km / h with a full charge. A nice bonus behind the driver: a box for things and a bag for tools. Brakes are hydraulic. Installed front and rear. These are considered preferable to drum ones, as they work faster in an emergency. We also note a good paint. There is also an LED display. It displays speed, battery charge and other necessary indicators. The battery is removable, you can put a spare.

Characteristics: wheel diameter 8″, mileage on a single charge 40 km, engine power 3000 W, maximum speed 61 km / h, maximum load 240 kg, weight 93 kg, rear-wheel drive.

Advantages and disadvantages

Drawers and pockets for thingsBad light: headlights and turn signals should be replaced

What other electric scooters you should pay attention to

4. WS-Pro 4000W 2WD (from 99 thousand rubles)

WS Pro 4000W 2WD.  Photo: market.yandex.ru
WS Pro 4000W 2WD. Photo: market.yandex.ru

This electric scooter is confidently leading among SUV models in 2022. It can even be found with the postscript Off-Road, which means that all the elements here are subject to driving in difficult conditions. First, it is all-wheel drive. Both wheels are driving, and even with appropriate off-road terrain. Power, traction — everything is in place. However, buyers should understand that such quickness eats up battery life, if not twice, then certainly one and a half times faster. The claimed range with a full battery here is 50 km, but electric scooter users share that this is only at first. After a couple of months, the battery sags and the resource decreases. However, this is typical of all electric mobile vehicles, however, we repeat once again that this is more voracious.

Characteristics: wheel diameter 19″, mileage on a single charge 50 km, engine power 4000 W, maximum speed 65 km/h, maximum load 220 kg, weight 80 kg, all-wheel drive.

Advantages and disadvantages

Built for off-roadRapid battery drain

5. Kugoo C2 Pro (from 69 thousand rubles)

Kugoo C2 Pro.  Photo: market.yandex.ru
Kugoo C2 Pro. Photo: market.yandex.ru

This manufacturer has scored points in the electric scooter market and has now encroached on more serious “toys”. The attitude towards him among fans of such transport is ambivalent. Some say, they say, the thing is not serious. Others are captivated by the price and good features. Indeed, against the background of other participants in our rating, the ratio of indicators and cost looks very pleasant. Accelerates up to 60 km / h and travels up to 70 km. It takes about seven hours to charge. Can accommodate two people. True, if competitors have a maximum carrying capacity of over 200 kilos, then everything is limited to a round figure. But the seat is made for two. There are mirrors and hydraulic brakes. Buy a bag-box for him and you can ride.

Characteristics: wheel diameter 8″, mileage on a single charge 70 km, engine power 2000 W, maximum speed 60 km/h, maximum load 200 kg, weight 56 ​​kg, rear-wheel drive.

Advantages and disadvantages

double seatSlim frame

6. Blackline Delta (from 80 thousand rubles)

Blackline Delta.  Photo: market.yandex.ru
Blackline Delta. Photo: market.yandex.ru

Another electric scooter with a massive seat. This will comfortably accommodate a driver or two people at once. In appearance, it resembles a classic scooter. But the coloring and graphic elements are a slight nod towards the American police. His engine is weak – only 1000 watts. It will be slow to climb a hill with two people. But on smooth asphalt it can accelerate to 50 km / h. The front brake is hydraulic, sharper. Rear – drum, smoother. Installed bright headlights and turn signals. Behind the seat there is a good trunk. On the steering wheel there is a display with a broadcast of the main driving indicators. The model is recommended for beginners for short journeys in urban areas.

Characteristics: wheel diameter 16″, mileage on a single charge 50 km, engine power 1000 W, maximum speed 50 km/h, maximum load 200 kg, weight 65 kg, rear-wheel drive.

Advantages and disadvantages

Easylow power motor

7. GT X13 Pro (from 77 thousand rubles)

GT X13 Pro.  Photo: market.yandex.ru
GT X13 Pro. Photo: market.yandex.ru

This rating participant should be looked at by everyone who is looking for bright colors. In addition to the black lacquer standard for most models, you can find a bike in burgundy and bright yellow in stores. It has 18-inch wheels, which provides good cross-country ability. Although it increases the price of components. The lithium-ion battery is famous for the fact that it does not have a memory effect, which means that you can charge it whenever and as much as you like. However, it is better not to land at a complete zero – this type of elements does not like this. According to the characteristics, vehicles can drive even at -15 degrees Celsius. Hydraulic brakes are installed front and rear. The speedometer is compact, made using the same technology as the digital clock. Headlight lens, there are stroboscopes. There is an alarm. An ideal kit for the model would also be a box for transporting things.

Characteristics: wheel diameter 18″, mileage on a single charge 60 km, engine power 2000 W, maximum speed 55 km/h, maximum load 220 kg, weight 65 kg, rear-wheel drive.

Advantages and disadvantages

strong frameLarge diameter wheels for such engine power

8. NIU M1 Pro (from 120 thousand rubles)

NIU M1 Pro.  Photo: market.yandex.ru
NIU M1 Pro. Photo: market.yandex.ru

A young company that appeared thanks to crowdfunding. That is, money for the launch of the first lines was collected via the Internet. I must say that the campaigns were quite successful, they were held twice. Each time a new model was introduced to the market. Today there are about ten. In our ranking of the best electric scooters, we placed a sample from the middle line. It has a nice design, with a slight bias towards a scooter. Thanks to the work of design engineers, the forms came out stylish and at the same time not pretentious. Plus, there is no “toy” inherent in many electric scooters. You can safely sit on this one in a business suit. The car is perfect for long trips. The battery allows you to race 120 km. The maximum speed is 50 km/h. Engine power is low, but the weight is lower than competitors.

Characteristics: wheel diameter 15″, mileage on a single charge 120 km, engine power 1200 W, maximum speed 50 km/h, maximum load 160 kg, weight 57 kg, rear-wheel drive.

Advantages and disadvantages

Interesting form factorPassenger cannot be seated

9. Seev Trike (from 79 thousand rubles)

Seev Trike.  Photo: market.yandex.ru
Seev Trike. Photo: market.yandex.ru

If you really want to ride an electric scooter, but you are afraid of speed and maneuvering on two wheels, then you should take a closer look at tricycles. Here is one of the best designs for 2022. It has a massive and stable platform. It is not the fastest – it accelerates to only 45 km / h, and even then in a straight line. But a solid power reserve of 70 km. From all sides it is hung with headlights and dimensions, which means increased safety in the dark. The deck and seat are lengthened: two people will sit comfortably. Three speed modes are available. There is an alarm and wheel lock. Unfortunately, not all scooter manufacturers remember this moment. It’s nice that this company has not forgotten. It can be found in stores in two colors: classic black and with stickers in the form of the British flag.

Characteristics: wheel diameter 19″, mileage on a single charge 50 km, engine power 1500 W, maximum speed 45 km/h, maximum load 200 kg, weight 100 kg, rear-wheel drive.

Advantages and disadvantages

Alarm and wheel blockBulky

10. Blackline Roadster (from 85 thousand rubles)

Blackline Roadster
Blackline Roadster. Photo: market.yandex.ru

This firm, which prefers to give its models a resemblance to Western police equipment, has already appeared in our rating. Before us is a more expensive and slower model. Like the previous member of the top, it is three-wheeled. It is perfect for the elderly and people with disabilities, thanks to the wide seat and the powerful outstretched frame. The speed limit here is only 30 km/h. The tricycle can travel up to 50 km on a single charge. Despite the narrow tires, due to the wide double rear end, it is quite passable. Sitting in this is not scary: due to the width and stability, the beginner feels more confident behind the wheel.

Characteristics: wheel diameter 16″, mileage on a single charge 50 km, engine power 2000 W, maximum speed 30 km/h, maximum load 200 kg, weight 69 kg, rear-wheel drive.

Advantages and disadvantages

Three wheels for greater stabilityDue to the features of the steering wheel and wheels, it is less mobile

How to choose an electric scooter

We talked about the best electric scooter models for 2022. It remains to share with readers the nuances regarding the choice and operation of such vehicles. To do this, we invited experts: Maxim Ryazanov, technical director of the Fresh Auto car dealership network , and Yulia Kocharovskaya, managing partner of the Kodest law firm.

Status of electric vehicles on the road

The traffic rules are being amended globally, according to which electric scooters will be enshrined in law and all such modes of transport will have a unified name – “means of individual mobility”.

Despite the fact that the traffic rules will fix the rules for the movement of electric scooters, places where driving is possible and places where driving is prohibited, administrative responsibility for violation is not yet provided.

Thus, if traffic police officers decide to present something to the drivers of such vehicles, then this can only be a fine for a pedestrian. With the adoption of the new traffic rules, the claims of the traffic police can be justified only if there are fines in the Code of Administrative Offenses of the region.

The electric scooter must not be driven while intoxicated or unhealthy. Also, children under 7 years old have the right to drive it only on sidewalks and footpaths, from 7 to 14 years old – also on bicycle lanes. From the age of 14, a teenager can enter the roadway and move only along the lane for cyclists, if there is no dedicated line – along the side of the road. A driver’s license is required if the power of the electric scooter is more than 250W and the maximum speed is more than 50km/h.

What is the difference from other means of individual mobility

An electric scooter is a vehicle with two or three wheels, powered by a special battery. The charge comes from a conventional outlet. Requires regular recharging. Unlike scooters, electric scooters are not only much more powerful and faster, but also more comfortable.

What to look for when buying

  • Trunk for things.
  • Additional passenger seat.
  • The battery capacity is at least 20,000 mAh: the power reserve, load capacity, speed depend on it.
  • The presence of an alarm or anti-theft system.
  • Speedometer.
  • Bright headlight, the presence of turn signals and parking lights.
  • Front and rear shock absorbers.
  • The average power of electric scooters is 2000W. Below 1000W are weak models. From 4000W, as a rule, all-wheel drive models go.

Price and service life

The average price for such a vehicle is from 40,000 to 100,000 rubles, and the service life is approximately 500 full charge and discharge cycles of the battery. Batteries are most often replaceable, so they can be easily replaced.

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