Why You Being Weird to Me

Why You Being Weird to Me

why you being weird to me

Having someone being weird to you is an experience that many people have experienced in their lives, but there are times that you might find yourself wondering why someone is being weird to you. It can be a great feeling, but can also be a very frustrating experience.

It’s bliss

Whether you are a movie buff or someone who loves weird movies, you may have already seen “Bliss.” A film that is a little bit bizarre, “Bliss” is about a man who has lost touch with reality and his struggle to reconnect with his daughter. It also deals with addiction and homelessness. Featuring Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek, “Bliss” is a film that is open to many different interpretations.

Despite its many flaws, “Bliss” is an odd film that will entertain and amaze you. From the start, you are on an adventure that takes you through the psychodelic journey of the mind. The film’s style is fresh and unique, and its actors deliver some outstanding performances. It also features a fantastic location shoot in Los Angeles. It also makes for an interesting take on addiction and homelessness.

The film has some genuinely odd scenes. For example, there is an unruly mob at a party that is separated by a wave of a hand. Another scene features an old woman who is on a walker. Then there are magical finger guns that play while solemn music plays. The movie is an exercise in style over substance, but the filmmakers have done well with their choice of locations.

Regardless of its flaws, “Bliss” was an interesting departure for Owen Wilson. He is known for his quirky acting style. In this movie, he plays a drug addict who has fallen in love with an enabler.